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About Us

Edu-Link’s primary purpose as a learning services provider is embedded in its name.

“Edu” and “Link”. As the name implies, Edu-Link promotes global links in education to encourage international educational development and cultural diplomacy. Today’s young people inhabit an interconnected, interdependent world in which they truly are global citizens. Cultural diplomacy ensures that students have equal access to a quality education no matter where they live, and Edu-Link strives to be a bridge, especially between U.S. and Asian cultures.

Because U.S. schools consistently rank among the best in the world—even when compared to those in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and Australia—the American curriculum should be accessible to students worldwide.

Thus, Edu-Link’s purpose is twofold:
To recruit international students to study in U.S. private or public schools and
To develop and implement a U.S. style curriculum in schools located in other countries.

Edu-Link adds to U.S. schools by bringing international students to America by enrolling them in short-term cultural programs or in full-time U.S. school. Edu-Link facilitates cultural exchange by hosting foreign teachers as part of its educational exchange program with U.S. schools. More recently, Edu-Link has been strengthening its capacity to export resources from the U.S. to the rest of the world, especially Asia. Edu-Link has been positioning itself in the global education market as an exporter of U.S. curriculums to Asian schools. Edu-Link contributes to the global and local economy by creating jobs and networks as it establishes links across the world between schools and communities.

While Edu-Link is continually expanding, it takes particular care to maintain professionalism, deliver quality services to its clients, and build a respectful and collaborative relationship among its community of stakeholders. In this way, the two hemispheres can grow and prosper together while bringing about a better future for Eastern and Western countries alike.

Edu-Link has always believed that the key to a better, more inclusive world is education. Edu-Link believes that a true education is one that supplements classroom lessons with life lessons, those that can only be learned through firsthand experiences. The purpose of Edu-Link is to open minds, share ideas, spread cultural awareness, and bring out the best in every person. We do this by bringing people together. So as Edu-Link continues to grow, to help more families, and to reach more countries, our hope is that all students will be “international students”—students who will be global citizens.
Now, we proudly announce that

"EDU-LINK Consulting Corp is the only official MSA accredited organization
as a Learning Service Provider in USA."