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Robert Park

As Founder and President of Edu-Link Consulting, Inc., Mr. Robert Park began his entrepreneurial career in education in 1992 by establishing an English/Math Institute for international students. He was one of the first consultants to become an authorized official SSAT Testing Center and in 1995, he started the Seoul Academy International School Program (SAIS). His long and prestigious career in education places him at the forefront as a consultant for international students who wish to study in the United States. His success with Edu-Link is based on his professional relationships in the academic and business community, and the fact that he offers an individualized approach for each international student.

Rachel Youn

Ms. Youn, CFO of Edu-Link, has worked with Mr. Park for more than 20 years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in food and nutrition from Korea University in Seoul, Korea but quickly became interested in the educational value of global studies. She has worked diligently throughout the years to place Edu-Link as one of the top competitors in the field of educational consulting. Ms. Youn is an advocate of the advantages an U.S. education can offer international students.

Joe W. Park
Director of Academic Affairs

In the spring of 2000, Joe W. Park found Achieve Educational Corporation, the parent company of Achieve Academy, with a single purpose: to help students attain their personal potential, regardless of their economic or social status. Mr. Park first started teaching SAT I classes in 1993 and, since then, has taught over 15,000 students from around the world. He has also created curriculums and authored books for 4 different versions of the SAT I Reading, Writing, and Math sections, including the newest SAT launched in March 2016. His educational philosophy centers around the core belief that when students are provided a solid foundation of knowledge through instruction, supplemented by practice, they will be able to utilize their minds and adapt to overcome any challenge. Mr. Park’s curriculum and teaching methods have yielded hundreds of perfect scores on standardized tests. More importantly, however, his students have attained the highest level of performance as they pursue their individual dreams. Currently, Mr. Park’s curriculum is being utilized in both public and private academic institutions in NJ, NY, and South Korea.

Gina Ko
Executive Director

Ms. Ko has worked at Edu-Link as the Executive Director. She is the liaison between the agents, international students, U.S. school administrators and counselors and is also responsible for the development of new markets. Ms. Ko’s formerly served as an Executive Assistant to the Ambassador of the Republic of the Korean Mission to the United Nations for ten years. As a graduate of St. John’s University, she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education and embraces the opportunity to advise international students who wish to pursue an education in the United States.

Julia Baek
Director of Administration

Ms. Baek joined Edu-Link in 2011 as the Director of Administration. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Education & English from University of Education in Korea and taught English in the secondary school for five years. She also offered college counseling to seniors so she brings valuable skills and knowledge to the Edu-Link group. Additionally, her expertise in educational technology, and her proficiency in English give Edu-Link an advantage in communicating our numerous programs through our website and other technology- based formats.

Grace Huang
Director of Marketing

Ms. Grace Huang currently serves as Marketing Director of Edu-Link Consulting Corp., where she has been employed since 2012. A special focus of her work involves student management and short-term programs. She received her M.B.A. from National University and her bachelor’s degree from YUST. While studying at YUST, she gained experience in the field of education as a teaching assistant. Her expertise in international business includes more than 9 years of experience working in marketing research and promotion, sales, client relations, quality control, translation, interpretation, and management. Fluent in Chinese, Korean, and English, she has travelled extensively in China, Korea, and the United States.

Kaitlyn Rafferty
International Student Adviser

Ms. Rafferty graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science Degree in International Environmental Policy and minor in German Language and Literature. During this time, she gained international experience through study abroad at Technische Universität, Berlin. Ms. Rafferty has worked in multiple academic capacities. Prior to her role as International Student Advisor, she worked as a Research Assistant at Rutgers University and served as a Community Development Manager at Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson, where she was involved with the coordination of various school programs. She is excited to apply her background to assist international students in achieving their academic goals.

Lisa Li
International Student Adviser

Lisa has earned her M.A. in International Education Development at Teachers College, Columbia University. As a student coordinator, Lisa has been working closely with students, parents and schools to help students achieve their academic goals. Before joining Edu-link, she participated in the Community Impact Program in Columbia University, and taught Math to adults from diverse cultural backgrounds. Lisa also advocates gender equity in education, and assisted a Columbia University professor in developing a Gender Toolkit for UNESCO Bangkok.

Cindy Gong
International Student Adviser

Ms. Gong has been in the education field since 2008. She has represented American Universities and High Schools in China for over 8 years and she is familiar with application processing, U.S. and China school system, student management, etc. Ms. Cindy is working with Marketing team in China. She is available to our partners who are interested in promoting our programs, including Capstone American High Schools Program and Capstone American Secondary Curriculum Program. She is also available to answer any questions for current or potential interested students and families.

Lucy Lan
Shanghai Marketing Manager

Ms. Lan joined Edu-Link in 2013 as the Marketing Manager in China. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in Business English from Zhengzhou University and she worked as an English teacher for three years prior to graduating. She now devotes herself to helping Chinese students study abroad. She is in charge of recruitment, working with Chinese agencies, and provides top U.S. boarding schools consulting for middle and high school students. Ms. Lan is also involved in the marketing, recruitment, and student management of the CAPSTONE American Day School programs. Ms. Lan brings her professional teaching experience plus six years of consulting experience with patience, and sense of responsibility to help every student create an application that best reflects themselves, and ultimately achieve each student’s academic goals.

Luby Xiao
Guangzhou Marketing Manager

Luby has involved in education and oversea study for 7 years since 2009. Her role from a consultant to a representative of American high schools shows her professional experience when helping a student choose the most suitable schools. Luby is also experienced in the overseas short-term programs. She has numerous experience in leading different student groups to visit and study in United Kingdom, Germany, France and many major cities in the United States. She is a passionate traveler who believes that travelling is a great way to learn and educate yourself.

Iris Qiu
Beijing Marketing Manager

Iris Qiu currently serves as Beijing Marketing Manager of Edu-Link Consulting Corp.,she has been occupied in the field of Education for more than 5 years and experienced in this field. A special focus of her work involves Day school students recruiting and Short-term programs in the area of North of China.She graduated from Beijing Technology and Business University and also she is the liaison between the agents and U.S. schools and she is also responsible for the development of new markets.

Euna Park
College Admission Consultant

Euna Park is an experienced Consultant and has successfully tutored numerous foreign students for SSAT and SAT Exams. Her ability to prepare students to be equally well prepared for the classroom makes her a valuable Consultant for both the private day school students as well as the students who attend prestigious boarding schools in the U.S. Ms. Park received her B.A. from Bryn Mawr College and is currently working toward her M.S. at Columbia University.

Sara Park
Senior Consultant

Sara Park is an experienced Senior Consultant who serves as a liaison between international students and U.S. school administrators and counselors. She advises students on the different stages of the college application process, how to choose a major when they enroll in college, and how to choose relevant courses. She also advises students interested in U.S. Boarding Schools. Sara earned and M.A. in Education from Harvard University and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Education Psychology.