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Become a Partner

Edu-Link is the global leader for American education. For over 20 years, We have partnered with selective private schools, public school, boarding schools and colleges in the United States, as well as agencies and institutions from China, East Asian countries and European countries. We want to offer our U.S. schools diversity, so we welcome agencies from countries all around the world. The selective schools we choose to work with help our international students to not only succeed in high school and college but also in the global job market when they graduate. We assist schools and families with the entire process, and we track student achievement to make sure they are successful in the 21st century.

Edu-Link competitively interviews more than 300 students every year to fill the 200 openings among our U.S. member schools, boarding schools and colleges located in the United States. The most important priority is o find the right match for both the student and school.

Edu-Link is the best BRIDGE between students and school!

Major Partners